Židovka Holocaust Divadlo


… juggling with life

The last show of this performance was 2nd October in the Husa na provázku theatre. We don´t offer this performance any longer.

a story of a seventeen-year old Jewish girl Eva Kohnová who is transported to Theresien Stadt and later on to the Auschwitz concentration camp.
In spite of terrible life conditions she tries to live her life as normally as possible. She works, she has fun and she falls in love as well. When the life experiences are too cruel, she escapes out into her fantasy world. She can play with her little doll or she can find herself in past stories of Jewish history. In her fantasies juggling is used as a symbol of freedom and liberty. Juggling scenes express the desire for escape from the reality, the longing for freedom.

KUFR Theatre aims to process real life stories of victims of Jewish Holocaust in untraditional – experimental way, using authentic photos, live music and expressive stage design.

Script, direction: Adéla Kratochvílová
Performers: Adéla Kratochvílová (Eva Kohnová), Dasha Trávníková (doll, SS man, pharao, Arny, munk)
Music: Lubor Pokluda or Jiří Kliment and Dasha Trávníková
Technical cooperation: Igor Schmidt, Jan Pavelka, Josef Mátl
Costumes and Stage Design: Eva Mesarč Jasičová, Antonín Maloň
Artistic supervision: Zoja Mikotová
Sound, sound mix: Michal Chovanec
Movement cooperation – Egyptian dance: Světlana Synáková
Psalm „El mole rachamim”: Alexander Neufeld
German orders recording: Roland Wagner
Music recording: Vladan Ronner (piano), Jakub Látal (violin), Ivan Jašek (drum, tabla, darabuka), Lukáš Severa (percussion, tarabuka, djembe)

Duration: 70 min

The project was supported by: The Rothschild Foundation Europe; The City of Brno – Department of culture; Foundation for Holocaust Victims and Education and Culture Centre of the Jewish Museum Prague, branch Brno. THANK YOU!!!

Premiere 26th May 2007 – Kabinet múz, Brno

Technical requirements:
-minimum width 7 m, depth 4-5 m, height 3,5 m
– 100% possibility of darkness
– light background wall for photos projection – min. 4 x 3 m
– separate space at the backstage for changing costumes with a faint light and a big mirror
– flat and clean stage floor
– beamer with a PC
– sound system with CD player
– min. 6 theatre lights (depends on the size of the performing space) /  2 lights with colour filter (red and yellow)