Pohádka Velký Fuk komínový krtek

Big Puffer

dramatization of a fairy tale by Petr Chudožilov (from his book Na velrybe) for the youngest children and all playful adults

Big Puffer is a fretful chimney mole who lives at the attic near the chimney. He dirties the laundry of the fairy tale aunt and at night he goes down the chimney to the kitchen where he eats everything he finds. The grandad gets angry with him and decides to punish him. He goes to find the Big Puffer at the attic but the chimney mole likes puffing and he is very good at it…

Children are involved in the story interactively – they climb through the chimney, they sing a mole song, they help to create the story.

Length: 35 min.
After the performance a juggling workshop can be arranged.

Dramatization and performed by: Adéla Kratochvílová
Costumes, stage design: Renata Štindlová a Antonín Maloň

You can sing Big Puffer´s song with him HERE

Technical requirements: space min 4×4m (possible outdoor and indoor),suitable is a more intimate room