Tančíček žonglérské divadlo

Tiny Waltz Adushiadashi

a movement-juggling slapstick of two mischievous girls Adishi and Dashi, suitable both for children and adults

Tiny waltz “Adushiadashi” is a non-verbal performance of two girls who tease each other and show their superiority through juggling, movement and musical skills. Finally a common juggling dance reconciles them and they become, at least for a while, friends.

Duration: 30 (till 40) min. with encores

After the performance a juggling workshop for the audience can be arranged where all juggling props can be tried out.

We also have a historic variant of costumes.

Technical requirements of the performance: minimal space 4×4 m (possible to perform outside or inside in a room with high enough ceiling), sound equipment and sound technician