Dvojka nový cirkus


non-verbal performance of new circus type connecting the aspects of clowning, acrobatics and juggling

Two female strangers meet in a dentist’s waiting room and share not only the traumatic moments before entering the surgery. Gradually, they reveal their intimate wishes and desires which result in absurd scenes in mutual confrontation. Despite their character differences they become closer and they are able to offer a helpful hand to each other…

Performance is suitable both for indoor and outdoor productions and both for children and adults.

Performed by: Božena Vytrvalá – Dasha Trávníková; Květa Růžová – Adéla Kratochvílová
Script, direction, choreography: KUFR
Music: David Smečka
Costumes: Babka Modes Robes
Supervision: Zoja Mikotová
Photos: Jaroslav Nováček

Duration: 40 min.

Video trailer HERE

Technical requirements: outdoor/ indoor room 5×3 m (ideally with a dance floor), CD sound system + sound engineer

The performance was implemented under the financial support of the City of Brno.

Premiere: 17th December 2010, Skleněná louka, Brno