Žonglérská dílna divadlo KUFR


Juggling workshop after the performance

After performances Tiny Waltz “Adushiadashi” and The Big Puffer the audience can try out all juggling equipment which was used in the performance.

This workshop takes usually about 30 minutes.

Specific juggling workshop

According to the requirements of the organizers the workshop may last 2 hours, a day, a week or it may even take part regularly throughout the year, etc.

The following activities may be included in the workshop: ball production, presentation of particular juggling props, juggling with balls, scarves, rings, clubs, diabolos, flowersticks, plate spinning, staff spinning, contact juggling, swinging, etc.

Furthermore, we may also play games with balls, try out pair juggling, group juggling, juggling and movement (e.g. dance, acrobatics, mime), search ways of juggling presentation – the character of a juggler, connection of juggling and theatre, …

Technical requirements:

In case of nice weather the workshop may take place outdoors – grass is an ideal surface.

For juggling indoors we need a high enough ceiling and a free space, adequate to the number of workshop participants. We have a basic set of juggling props to lend.