The most precious thing under the sun

a Spanish tale of on princess and three princes, about love and a long journey and about searching the answer to the following question: What is the most precious thing under the Sun…?

A story told by one actress with an interactive book, in a sign language (but also with a spoken language) is an invitation to the world of the Deaf – to the world of signs, movements, pictures and symbols…

The performance is suitable both for small and big spectators, for the hearing ones as well as the deaf. It is suitable to be performed in a more intimate space. Length: approx. 30min

Dramatization, direction and performed by: Adéla Kratochvílová
Sign language supervision: Václav Gottwald
Production of the book: Adéla Kratochvílová
Costume: Babka Modes Robes
Technical cooperation: Václav Gottwald
Dance and movement cooperation: Pavel Lhotský
Consultancy: Marie Jirásková, Zoja Mikotová

The performance is inspired be the BOOK project in the Department of Drama in Education of the Deaf, DIFA Jamu, Brno.

A big thanks goes to Václav Gottwald, who lovingly cooperated during the long process of creation of the performance.

Heartful thanks to the owners of Oriental carpets PALACKA, who donated the fyling carpet all the way from Iran.  Palacka logo JPG

The premiere took place 20. 5. 2015 in the Zákoutí café, Kopečná 20, Brno (within the festival Brněnský LUNAPARK, Divadlo ke kávě).