Ballads of Bride and Death

a stilts performance inspired by the tradition of folk theatre. The stories are narrated by a genial Bride with an accordion and intransigent Death with a scythe

The ballads have been chosen from a compilation of František Sušil, named Moravian Folk Songs:
Ballad The Death – comes from the region of Příbor and narrates of a man who is invited by the death and he, even unwillingly, has to follow…
Ballad The Sinner – narrates a story of an unfortunate end of a maiden who lived a bizarre life…
Ballad The Old and the Young – depicts what happens when an old man marries a young maiden…

Performers: Bride – Dáša Trávníková, Death – Adéla Kratochvílová
Costumes: Babka Modes Robes
Props and puppets: Antonín Maloň a Věra Mitášová

Duration approx. 35 min.
The Ballads may be performed as one piece as well as separately.