ALEJE 2020 main teacher

The main teacher of ALEJE 2020 will be a German juggler and performer DOREEN GROSSMANN

Doreen is self-taught juggler with a special passion for passing who developed her technique and style following many workshops led by exceptional jugglers, movers and theatre people such as Stefan Sing, Tony Pezzo, Sakari Männistö, Sean Gandini, Kati Ylä-Hokkala, Denis Paumier, Cristiana Casadio and Ben Richter.
Doreen started performing in 1999 and became a regular member of Gandini Juggling, an internationally renowned performance company. Since 2007 her work with Gandini Juggling took her all around the world featuring in many different productions such as their acclaimed hit “Smashed”. Beside her engagements with Gandini Juggling, Doreen co-founded several performance groups and tours her solo acts.
Doreen teaches workshops and classes inside and outside of the juggling community. She taught at the international Circus Schools in Berlin (Etage) and National Centre of Circus Arts, (London).

This workshop will be all about one of the most fun features of juggling: sharing rhythms and objects with your friends! Passing is all about creating and experiencing patterns together, about helping each other to reach the common goal of a smooth feeling of whatever intricate form of juggling you choose to share.
We will start the workshop exploring many different ways of throwing objects at each other, starting off with some basics in siteswaps and how to use those creatively to make beautiful new passing patterns (prechac notation and 4-handed siteswaps). We will also learn how to combine different skill levels – very useful to make everybody happy or to practice more advanced passing tricks. Leaving behind the more mathematical approaches we will then look into take-outs with clubs and explore some moving patterns. Last, I’ll present Shiva-passing, a new interesting form of passing.
The landscape of passing is incredibly vast and it might be easy to get lost in it. There are different approaches and techniques and guess what: I can walk you through any of them. I’ll therefore leave the structure of the workshop a bit open. Depending on the requests and wishes of the participants, we can focus more on notation and mathematical juggling, or on techniques to perfect throws or rhythm and timing, or on creating new interesting patterns, take-outs and so on.

The main props will be clubs, also balls. It is possible to follow most of the workshop with other props too.