Adéla Kratochvílová  has been dealing with theatre since 1991 as she became a member of the Dům Studio at Brno Goose on the String Theatre, under the direction of Eva Tálská. In 1999 Adéla founded a free theatre group Pohyblivé teátrum (flexible theatre) which was later transformed into the Suitcase Theatre.

In 2002 she graduated at JAMU, in Education in Drama specialization. At the moment she continues studying at the same university in a doctoral program. The subject of her doctoral, artistic and life research is juggling. In 2005, thanks to various grant supports, she took part in several stays in Europe focused on juggling (stay at a theatre university, Beltain Festival – Edinburgh, Cirkus Cirkör – Stockholm, Jonglieren Katakomben – Berlin, 5-3-1 Festival – Helsinky, etc.)

In 1999-2007 she sang Jewish songs with a Brno band Ha-Chucpa. Since 2002 till nowadays she has been working as a hospital clown for children.