In 2003 Adela Kratochvilova and Dasha Heiland Travnikova packed a few balls, clubs, diabolos and Julia, the chicken, in their SUITCASE. They put on their striped bathing suits and left to entertain the world with a juggling performance Tiny Waltz “Adushiadashi”. That is how The SUITCASE Theatre was founded…

Later on they produced a fairy tale Big Puffer, stilts performance Ballads of the Bride and of the Death, movement/theatre/juggling slapstick Dvojka, as well as various juggling, acrobatic, fire, street or indoor shows for adults and children, including carnivals.

A more serious topic is dealt with in a performance depicting the Holocaust events, called The Jewess – Juggling with Life.

The newest performance is A Christmas Play – What the Angels Foretold.

Juggling has become a specific feature of the artistic expression of the Suitcase Theatre, although it is not always used. We endeavour to conceive theatre variously and colourfully. We balance on the edge of street – clown – juggling theatre, new circus and non-traditional author experimental theatre.

The SUITCASE Theatre organises the International Juggling-Theatre Workshop ALEJE that takes place in August annually. Not only by means of this workshop we aim to raise the artistic and technical level of amateur and professional jugglers and actors, to bring new impulses into the juggling community, to improve communication among people, cultures and nationalities. We also want to disseminate our theoretical and practical pieces of knowledge in the area of juggling, psychomotricity, theatre and art.

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